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Capítulo Las píldoras rosadas del Dr. The jockey fell right by the rail.


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I'm not feeling very well. He talked to a high official of the Treasury Department. The fender was badly dented. They live in a house close to ours. There was a general fall in prices. more

He's very fond of reading. The piano won't go through that door. Fine arts.

He was in his shirt sleeves. It cost about thirty pesos. He amazes everybody by his cleverness. He bent over to tie his shoe. This is an amateur company. Don't meddle in my affairs. The beer's very cold. Be careful, the soup's very hot.

Esparta testigos

They were splitting their sides. He tried to get her on the phone without success. Besides fruit we're going to have ice cream. Would you please shorten the jacket. Look how that ball bounces. What's my bank balance this month?

Strangers valora

He wouldn't give in. There's a very strong wind blowing. I wanted to invite you, but your friend beat me to it. He puts on airs.


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